Although not, Mikan told Nagito that he is completely wrong and you may claimed you to definitely she had murdered to own “her precious”

Although not, Mikan told Nagito that he is completely wrong and you may claimed you to definitely she had murdered to own “her precious”

Surprisingly, when you look at the Danganronpa dos.5, neither Chiaki nor Hajime has actually competitors in the Nagito’s imaginary industry. Once the Chiaki’s passing was a major cause for the brand new class’ despair, you’ll be able to one to his emotions concerning the their own was indeed also effective therefore the program blocked the brand new memory out-of her.

On the Best Ability Invention Package, Chiaki is defined as an individual who carry out usually ask Nagito with the class items, having also Nagito understanding it even with their lingering thinking-deprecation. When the graduation will get nearer, Chiaki suggests believe for the him because the she observes him by yourself when you look at the the brand new place and you will goes to query him if he is having a good time. Nagito claims compared to movement, he could be having a good time and then covers everyone’s dreams, which have Chiaki saying which is fine, regardless if her face looks a little while sad and you can distressed apparently since the off him still speaking this way. Chiaki admits one to she nonetheless cannot most know your after all many years together, however, she says you to definitely she understands hope is essential to help you him. Nagito explains to her that everybody wishes vow, not simply him, but he just thinks about it more than others. Nagito admits that he is some time distressed one to little big took place and make pledge more powerful, but Chiaki thinks it is the great thing hence everyone can waste time to each other happily down the road.

AI Type

Nagito will not apparently find Chiaki this much to start with, listing one to she actually is a quiet girl just who mainly plays video games and stares on the room. But not, the guy afterwards appears to have genuine esteem having her deduction enjoy. About Funhouse, he requires their to analyze which have him and that’s worried whenever she actually leaves the team instead of some one noticing.

Though Nagito are unacquainted with they, Chiaki cared throughout the your and you can she has also been brand new traitor the guy tried to conserve finally, whether or not which failed.

Greatest Imposter

Nagito respected Greatest Imposter in addition to their frontrunners enjoy after they was basically impersonating Byakuya Togami. not, therefore, he inside him in the plan. The program was in the first place supposed to cause Nagito’s own death, but Best Imposter passed away alternatively, rescuing Nagito’s lifetime. If you find yourself Nagito didn’t getting remorse for just what took place, he had been certainly content and you will told you he actually started to has actually a little have a tendency to to call home pursuing the Imposter’s tips.

Mikan Tsumiki

At first, Nagito concerns for Mikan, when he scolds Hajime after thought he bullied their own and you can requires when the she actually is okay once having certainly her of numerous overstated falls. He or she is really humbled within the first demonstration as he mistakenly presumed you to definitely Mikan complimented his physical appearance when she mentioned there wasn’t one bloodstream toward your.

Immediately following Nagito stuck the newest Despair Condition, Mikan got proper care of your plus the others. Yet not, she along with stuck the illness, and you can even with their dreadful status, the guy noticed that she got fallen to the depression. For that reason, plus the murders she enough time in the interest of depression, Nagito destroyed all of the admiration having their unique and you can sensed their an opponent, really worth title “Greatest Depression”. In lieu of others, the guy was not conned by the their unique tips within the demonstration and he bitterly would not forgive their.

Somewhat mockingly, she said that Nagito doesn’t learn as the the guy has no somebody to love and you can is not approved by some one, meet cambodian women making your confused to own terms.

Later although, immediately following Nagito and you can Mikan awaken using their comatose county, he will not frequently keep any further hatred on their particular. Which most likely means that Nagito’s brand spanking new reference to Mikan, that has been generally your not paying focus on her, although thought her talent is actually amazing, is back.