Aubrey’s steward, an excellent grumpy but dear reputation from the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin series of Napoleonic naval escapades

Aubrey’s steward, an excellent grumpy but dear reputation from the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin series of Napoleonic naval escapades

This has been jocularly backronymed so you can “Remain Peeling”, within the mention of common impact off Troops cracking carrots; not, in the usa, latest Military rules prohibit low-restaurants functions professionals out-of cooking

Jodie/Jody (You. S.) A guy whom steals a beneficial Soldier’s girlfriend/wife whenever deployed, in the field, or even in studies. So often described in the cadences used through the exercises that cadences themselves are particularly labeled as Jodies otherwise Jody calls.

Ain't zero use in goin' home, Jodie's got your girl by yourself.

Joe (U.S. Army) A great Soldier. Joe Navy (You.S. Navy) An overly enthusiastic “gung-ho” Sailor (pick Lifer). Pejorative. Racy otherwise juicy girl (You.S.) Identity made available to good prostitute or club girl. Originated Korea. joey (Canada) Are often used to establish an associate, otherwise an effective Soldier who is greatly dependent towards the someone else. John Wayne (You.S.) Also known as an excellent P-38. A tiny finger stored can-opener. (All of us Army) John Wayne also can make reference to an excellent Soldier who does perhaps not has Posjetite ovu stranicu ovdje their head protection chinstrap buckled, which turns out John Wayne when you look at the 1960s combat films. John Wayne School (You.S.) Military Special Forces university, Fort Bragg. JN (You.S. Navy) Japanese Federal. Constantly a good Japanese shipyard worker, but may be also placed on people Japanese resident.

K [ modify ]

kebab (You.K. & Commonwealth) An aircraft’s sprinkle system, elements twist and heat right up. keener (Canada) A recruit or individual who is completely new so you’re able to a beneficial equipment that is frequently extremely-enthusiastic about their/their assignment. Secrets to aircraft three hundred (U.S. Navy): A kind of snipe have a look. A separate sign-up is sent to the Maintenance Work environment or Able Area to try to score secrets to initiate an airplane on account of discharge. Obviously, there are not any secrets to military combatant jets, the gag is largely so you can humiliate yet another sign up. The amount given is the BUNO (agency number), or painted flights designation of brand new join’s squadron, it can be any number.

(USAF Protection Forces) Keys to the latest flights, a JEEP laugh removed on gullible first time Close in Sentries. It involves either the area Manager or among Security Reaction Communities asking in case the Close in Sentry if the the guy gotten this new keys to brand new flights in the sentry which he treated of article, new Trip Sargent and Chief could get in it. The newest sentry can be endangered which have an article-15 to possess dereliction out of duty, and you will continues on all night up to he becomes treated about in the morning in which he’s named on Flight Sgt.’s or Commander’s office where he or she is told it absolutely was most of the bull crap.

K.I.An excellent Murdered In action Keys to the fresh Submarine/Ship/Reactor (You.S. Navy) Snipe check – Yet another signup is distributed throughout the watercraft locate the newest important factors, so the CO may underway. Everyone informs the new person they just gave the brand new keys to anyone else, if at all possible well away otherwise difficult to get to help you. This might be much like the “Keys to aircraft” snipe appear, since there are zero secrets for armed forces ships larger than riverines and you can no important factors to have submarines. KFS (You.K., Canada) Knife, hand and you can spoon. killick (Canada, U.K.) A classic name to have a handmade anchor, now always refer to a member of the new rating away from Leading Seaman. This will be when you look at the mention of rank badge which usually are a single fouled point worn to your kept arm. Together with, not coincidentally, title away from Capt. KITDAFOS (U.K.) Stored in this new dark and you can provided to your shit kite (RAF) aeroplane kiyi (U.S.) An official letter telling out-of one slain actually in operation (K.We.A). klicks Miles KMAGYOYO Kiss my personal ass, guys: you are on your own. (used “outside” town out-of brothers or even in jest) Knife and Shell School (U.S. Navy) (pejorative) The school one You.S. Navy physicians, nurses, dentists and you will healthcare directors go to in advance of acquiring its commissioning. So-named from the religion that it learn discover personal graces. Knee-strong Navy (U.S.) U.S. Coast guard (pejorative), so-named from the mistaken belief the newest You.S. Coast guard never ever sails towards deep-water. hit they off (Singapore) Command to view pushup reputation. “You guys should take your own sweet big date. good deal of you knock they off!” knuckle dragger (You.S. Navy Submarine Service) A beneficial Machinist’s Mate Reliable-man, responsible for low-propulsion solutions for instance the sanitary system or hydraulic system. The word is coined throughout the label that Machinist Mates is actually much less intelligent since other rates such as for instance Radiomen or Sonar Aspects, so they depend mostly towards brute strength to get their business done. (U.S. Air Push) A staff chief, referred to as “wrench-turner” otherwise “fat monkey”. KP (You.S., Canada) Abbreviation to the out-of-date name “Kitchen area Police”, a duty tasked (with other than just dinner service staff) to do menial, but expected, kitchen area tasks eg dishwashing, providing and you may cooking area clean, usually just like the an abuse getting crappy choices.