It statement is a good jocular allusion to help you toy shop in the sense ‘sexual wares’ (with regards to a man vagina)

It statement is a good jocular allusion to help you toy shop in the sense ‘sexual wares’ (with regards to a man vagina)


An excellent people’s large sticking out stomach; a great ‘beer gut’. Into the basic English an excellent verandah was ‘an effective roofed platform over the away from a property, height on the floor floor’, but in Australian continent in addition, it refers to the same particular open-sided roofed structure more a store otherwise industrial strengthening. Brand new verandah is a big structural feature around australia, and even though Australian shop today rarely has for example verandahs, the phrase verandah along side toy shop is still newest. It’s earliest registered in the 1987. Versions become verandah along side tool forgotten.

1991 Australian Economic Remark (Sydney) 10 September: Santa courses begin in October-therefore take-out you to purple suit with the fur trimmings, and have accustomed to gooey fingers and you can wet spots on your own knee. A small veranda across the toy shop probably won’t damage often.

2009 J. Castrission Crossing the newest Abandon: He had been lookin thinner and you can fitter than before. Typically, his face had a great puff included and his awesome terrace across the toy shop might have no trouble asleep towards the dining table edge.

Vegemite try a focused fungus extract used since a-spread. It was inserted since the good tradee among Australia’s favorite spreads having toast and you will sandwiches. The phrase delighted nothing vegemite setting ‘a pleasant otherwise met person’, in fact it is recorded away from 1954. The word derives of an advertising promotion in the same seasons one to provided the brand new jingle: ‘Our company is happy absolutely nothing Vegemites Because vibrant due to the cute Give girls fact brilliant would be. We all delight in the Vegemite To own breakfast, meal, and you can beverage.’ (See the clips to the all of our blog site ‘A track record of Vegemite’.)

The fresh new eighties watched a separate term accompanied on Australian English away from an effective Vegemite advertising campaign. Ads included new line ‘I will often be a Vegemite kid’, and Vegemite child came to imply not only ‘a youngster which eats Vegemite’, however, ‘a regular Australian’.

1996 Questionnaire Day Herald pion? She is an enthusiastic Aussie. Neil Finn? A genuine-bluish Vegemite kid. Mel Gibson? The guy fought on Gallipoli, didn’t he?… That has been only a motion picture? Oh, romantic sufficient.


To create a beneficial swag; traveling the trail. An excellent matilda try an excellent swag, the brand new roll or bundle away from possessions carried from the an itinerant worker otherwise swagman. The definition of waltz into waltz Matilda is an excellent jocular otherwise ironic means to fix reference the difficult slog out-of carrying the property because you travelling on foot, although waltz may also determined by an effective German colloquial title, auf pass away Walze gehen, and thus ‘to visit a-wandering; to go on one’s travels’.

The definition of to help you waltz Matilda is earliest submitted regarding the late 1880s, that is attending have obtained a fairly short lifetime, if it had not started on poet Banjo Patterson. In 1895 the guy published the fresh new lyrics with the song in the a great swagman one to turned Australia’s famous national tune, ‘Waltzing Matilda’. The tune became strongly of this national title, and has cemented the word waltzing Matilda on Australian creative imagination – although it are a reasonable bet that not all of us know exactly just what it means!

1908 Cairns Day Article 8 April: The people nonetheless develops, every advisor to Quartz Hill providing an entire match away from passengers who ‘waltz matilda’ the latest 60 weird kilometers on brand new Este Dorado.

To own a young dialogue from in order to waltz Matilda comprehend the post ‘Going after Our very own Unofficial Federal Anthem: Who had been Matilda? As to the reasons Performed She Waltz?’ (page 2) regarding Get 1999 issue of our very own Ozwords publication.

Australian continent. The word starts throughout the poem ‘My Country’ (to begin with called ‘Center away from My personal Heart’) by homesick poet Dorothea Mackellar, an early on Australian staying in England. It was authored about London Spectator in the 1908, and then extensively during the Australian press. This new poem in comparison their own connection with the eco-friendly, planned English countryside for the extremes out of Australian topography and you may environment. Large brown land is regarding the far-quoted second stanza: