Perhaps you are curious: So what does “Taraz” suggest?

Perhaps you are curious: So what does “Taraz” suggest?

Better, based on a keen Armenian dictionary, Taraz has many definitions. They are form, shape, make, trend, means, styles, research, looks, algorithm, costume outfit, consistent, skirt. We’re going to play with all of those viktig länk conditions to explain the traditional national top off Armenia or Taraz.

The appearance of such clothes slowly changed from the years, dependant on of numerous things. One of them, the available choices of furs, fabric, gold and silver coins, jewellery, embroidery skills, lacework, climate, and procedures. Such clothing indicated category term, reputation in life, riches, regional identity, and you may gender. Let’s evaluate that these antique clothes slowly changed over the years.

A track record of TARAZ

Obviously, initially, anyone used extremely fundamentally, practical dresses to keep warm and you can endure. Gradually, to the introduction of the new textiles, colors, and fasteners-outfits obtained artistic beliefs as well as being functional. The original very first content utilized in Armenian gowns was fleece and you will pure cotton. Before with their particular cotton production, Armenians brought in silk from China. This new cotton fabrics became symbolic of riches.

The fresh Taraz had of several impacts throughout the ages. These types of incorporated new Byzantine, Roman, Arabic, Persian, Russian although some. These types of affects assisted contour the design of the newest Taraz. There is historical significance toward evolution of your own federal costume.

We are able to determine how clothing setup by way of thriving old frescoes and you may visual. There are also authored data files describing this new clothes throughout the day. Such enduring information make it possible to chronicle this new historical development and graphic development of Taraz.

Tone out of Armenian Federal Taraz

Shade were used for perishing, dependant on the fresh new offered pigments in the area. New tone found in this new Armenian Taraz started to deal with special relevance. From the 14th century, Armenian philosopher Grigor Tatevatsi said brand new principal components of the brand new Taraz. The newest black is actually of your earth, light is of the water, the new red-colored was of one’s heavens and you may red was of your fire. Later, yellow is actually for insights, red to own courage, bluish to have heavenly fairness and you can light to possess wisdom.

You might share with several things in regards to the individual that is wearing the fresh Taraz. It will be you’ll, such, to decide in the event the person is partnered or solitary of the shade of this new Taraz. This can be an important function for a person wanting to focus a marriage partner. Out of this, you can find you to a boy’s or girl’s Taraz carry out need toward another meaning while they increased for the their adulthood. The latest bride’s unique Taraz carry out manage their unique from worst forces.

Taraz together with expressed the person’s lives. It expressed their money additionally the quantity of people. Brand new women’s attire could have attractive embroidery. If she was successful, their dresses have been adorned which have silver and gold posts. The fresh new female’s apron might feel the forest out-of lives decoration inside. As well as, it might have attractive points representing those things she utilized in their unique lifestyle for example scissors, bowls, and you may pitchers. This type of symbols were supposed to indicate their unique modesty and gentleness.

Accessories getting Taraz

Taraz is actually adorned with accessories that would was basically handed down from years. This new clothes could become accented that have gold rings and you may bracelets. The past element of the newest outfit are this new headdress. A wedded lady could have a more sophisticated “tower” layer 50 % of their own forehead. That it tower would have ribbons with ornate geometrical designs stitched toward they. They tied the forehead with a bend, decorated having gold or gold coins, and repaired gold balls more her temples. The brand new headdress occured toward with white headscarves.

Women ranged the outer clothing based upon the warmth and you can season. Elaborate jackets and you may caftans could be superimposed into to possess protection from frigid weather. Such individuals areas of brand new Taraz ranged in numerous aspects of Armenia. Historic activities and regional society dictated brand new fabrics and you may jewellery off strengths.


While we was basically focusing on the ladies Taraz, the fresh men’s apparel has also been titled a good Taraz. The fresh clothing primarily were made regarding cotton fiber, cotton otherwise fleece. The fresh men’s room clothing was a lot of time-sleeved, which have a neckband adorned with embroidery. Along side clothing, it wore a beneficial caftan and a jacket versus fasteners. They generally used a coat from fur. Its pants was in fact constantly most loose and you may comfortable. A great people’s buckle was a symbol. A silver buckle is actually thought to be a symbol of his readiness, and you can a golden gear demonstrated their riches.

Taraz Now

At this time, you’re not going to discover Armenians heading regarding their every day lifetime sporting their traditional Taraz. Thank goodness you to definitely structure parts of their federal costume have discovered the method to their latest trend. They serve as a highlight and you can a reminder of their steeped early in the day.

Today, the only access to conventional Armenian Taraz is made available to the personal via anyone and you can national dancing groups. Regardless of where he could be, they moving with these beautiful garments and provide Armenian history and you can the new community overseas.