?Play as his or her Bones Wade Marching within the Once more from the felinedetached

?Play as his or her Bones Wade Marching within the Once more from the felinedetached

Boys is actually idiots. Ninja boys try idiots that have deadly guns, and it’s the fresh new kunoichi’s advantage and you may obligation to-name all of them out to their bullshit.

Or: exactly how Tenten gets the newest Konoha same in principle as a mentor for kunoichi totally into crash, mainly because of their own pathological inability to let shit go.

place after tsunade will get hokage (au where sasuke doesnt quickly hop out) tenten’s pov! oooo we like an effective girl whom helps girls! she support sakura get rid of their particular teammates like regular those who disorder up and are incredibly merely dumb boys. Larger partner off fics where tenten takes up a teacher/more mature sister position to possess sakura bc she holds a very silky put in my center. oof im therefore pleased with my girl’s invention i will be most whining about any of it

As an alternative, it is along these lines: Haruno Sakura is the dilies. She actually is little without you to-wise, sure, greatest kunoichi, sure, but she will never be with the level having clan high school students. This woman is teammates so you’re able to an enthusiastic orphan powerhouse out of a dead clan and also the past remaining Uchiha.

(She opens their sight so you’re able to timber, grown up from nothing, and you will Hatake Kakashi looks from inside the disbelief from the forest where his student had previously been.)

put throughout schedule. which fic keeps myself FOAMING at mouth area. MOKUTON SAKURA. SENJU SAKURA. HASHIRAMA Parallels. This woman is A great BAMF And you can OP Since the Shit reddit Cologne in Germany bride. TSUNADE Switches into Her. INO Is actually Their particular GIRLFRIEND. i can play my praises for it fic throughout the day and you can however not complete ahxndkek everything is so excellent, all the little detail (such as for instance choji and you may kiba taking on data recovery) is indeed screwing delicious Excite comprehend, i’m Asking

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Haruno Sakura appears like this woman is destined for being a great paper ninja, one their particular alternatives within community try a journey out-of enjoy otherwise every predicated on an excellent fangirl break. New red haired girl had no delusions concerning existence she had selected, but she would as an alternative pass away as the an excellent ninja then becoming bled deceased because a servant so you can her family relations. Lies and you will deceptions has centered the country up to her and you can Sakura is ready to rip they off, grabbing versatility having the hands.

bien au. starts when class eight very first attempts to obtain the bells. sakura’s whole family and you may backstory try changed and you will abusive. increasing class as nearest and dearest and you will ily anywhere between naruto and sakura? *winkwink* particular implications out of much plot it doesnt wade anywhere and there is zero intends to remain it! cautions to have discipline, child testing, and you may states from blood

Walking Send, You should never Review because of the teslatempest

set article conflict, several of my personal favorite version of fics! she continues an exact path to recovery plus it produces my cardio so loving once the i really like their own really and you can i recently wanted their unique become delighted and therefore fic can make myself fade///// this new hinasaku is just meant immediately following so you should never ensure you get your hopes right up However,. sakura helps make narusasu happens and i also most said aww out loud in the dopiest voice when sasuke kissed his cheek,, my personal favorite parts are easily whenever shes thinking/speaking of their own ideas bc i will be a beneficial sucker for that an excellent an effective introspection! caution to possess states of shock i guess? nothing of it is perhaps all one to crappy it’s just an effective dealing fic

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au! perhaps not anywhere near as shippy because the labels and malfunction imply? lots of nothing weird boats such as for example short-term says off nejisasu nd hinakarin (with a bit more focus). not very sakura centric but really gorgeous irrespective thus i’m keeping they here. actually extremely screwing mental which have an enormous work at uzushio and you can the newest uzumaki clan. forced me to shout