We’ll provide you with receptacles or any other shipping provides

We’ll provide you with receptacles or any other shipping provides

GlobalPost SmartSaver Pickup: If you use GlobalPost SmartSaver Collection, or other branded collection services supplied by us, you are accountable for print (throughout your account) and you will connecting the attraction title to each package therefore the reveal name to every receptacle, and for bundling the fresh new parcels to the an excellent receptacle. On pickup, most of the receptacles have to be scanned because of the all of our transportation vendor up on receipt and need a trademark confirmation from you of your own pickup. Our transport business reserve the authority to need item counts at the the amount of time from collection though persistent birth/losses activities is advertised by you. People receptacles provided by GlobalPost remain the house or property away from GlobalPost. Upon termination of your own GlobalPost membership otherwise on created demand from GlobalPost, you must get back most of the receptacles from inside the good shape (excepting normal deterioration) to GlobalPost inside 2 weeks. Failure to go back such as for instance receptacles can lead to good $fifty percentage per unreturned otherwise busted receptacle. You might be necessary to complete and offer a costs from lading to your transport merchant at collection. The brand new receptacle and you will/or parcels have to be found by the all of our assigned service provider(s) at the appointed time(s)/date(s). To make sure that this new package becoming acquired efficiently, you should follow the given procedure of local collection (below). Failure to follow along with the principles can get change the deliverability of the parcels and value of your own features.

The refusal to help you delicate your own distribution to our transportation provider within brand new planned collection time could well be considered to be a termination and may become subject to an excellent $150 cancellation fee, and you may never be tasked another pickup go out while the a great replacement

Rates: You will be provided with a unique rate card based on information you provide to us during the onboarding process, such as your location, shipment volume/weight and pickup schedule (pickup days/times and frequency). You are required to provide us with at least 72 hours’ notice if, for any pickup, your shipment volume (parcel count or weight) increases by 10% or more. You ent volume increases, or decreases, by 20% or more. We are not responsible for any unsuccessful pickups if you fail to provide us with required notice. A request for an increase in the frequency of pickups may be subject to additional fees.

Planned Pickup: Your shipment must be ready to be transported at the scheduled pickup time (or if a pickup window is provided, at the start of the window). If you make arrangements with our transportation provider for a pickup time outside of your scheduled pickup time, we reserve the right to charge you a $150 change fee.

Cancellation: You are required to provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel a scheduled pickup. If you fail to provide us with required notice, you will be charged a $150 cancellation fee.

Transport Downfalls: In the event of a Transportation Failure, please contact us immediately at [email protected] and we will make arrangements for your shipment to be picked up at the soonest available time. If your shipment is not picked up for 3 or more business days from the original scheduled Slovakian naishenkilГ¶itГ¤ pickup time, a credit equal to 10% of the postage paid for the affected shipments will be made to your account, up to a maximum of $750 per occurrence. “Transportation Failure” refers to our failure to pick up your shipment at the scheduled pickup time.

GlobalPost SmartSaver Dropoff: If you are using GlobalPost SmartSaver Dropoff, you’re responsible for sourcing the required shipments provides, printing and connecting the brand new delivery identity to help you such parcels, bundling the parcels toward handbags, gaylords or pallets, and you will carrying your own bundles into tasked GlobalPost Control Facility

To suit your parcels as successfully processed, you should stick to the required pre-aware procedure (below) per dropoff. Inability to stick to the latest pre-aware process will get impact the deliverability of one’s parcels.